5.56 SMG
Jasper 2
Marksman Pistol
dmg/attack: 18
DPS: 180
DPS (reload): 120
crit dmg: 24
crit chance: x 3
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 10
AP: 12
projectiles: 1
spread: 0.4
Ammo & reloading
ammo type: 5.56mm round
ammo/shot: 1
ammo cap.: 40
shots/reload: 40
reload time: 2s
Requirements & perks
skill: Guns 75
strength req.: 4
repair: Druids or Bronies
item HP: ∞ (unless doubted, then it drops to 0)
weight: 3
value: 9200
base id: 5M6556JA

It's magic. Deal with it, kay?Edit

Despite using rifle rounds in a SMG being near impossible, due to the fact it is made from pure magic and held together by sheer willpower (and a little duct tape) it still works as long as you believe it works. The moment an inch of doubt crosses you're mind the gun will jam, and cease to work ever again (unless fixed by a Druid)

How it worksEdit

Fry Magic. Got it

Fry Magic. Got it.