Annihilator Rifle
dmg/attack: 97 (104.8)
DPS: 106.7 (138.3)
DPS (reload): 86.8 (114.6)
crit dmg: 97
crit chance: x 2
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 1.1 (1.32)
AP: 36
projectiles: 1
spread: 0.01
Ammo & reloading
ammo type: Microfusion cell
ammo/shot: 3
ammo cap.: 36
shots/reload: 12
reload time: 2.5s (1.88s)
Requirements & perks
skill: Energy Weapons 100
strength req.: 4
perks (dam.):
Lord Death
perks (att.):
Fast Shot
perks (rel.):
Rapid Reload
repair: Laser rifles
item HP: 60
weight: 9.00
value: 7500
base id: none yet


The rifle looks like laser rifle with focus optics, but with a longer barrel and smoother material. It also seems to save golden plating around some of the weapon's optics parts. The bottom tube is sawed off similarly to the Tri-Beam rifles.

Location and backgroundEdit

The rifle is now in possession of prospector and mercenary Alice Moriarty, who found it in the underground armory of an abandoned military base in irradiated middle of nowhere. There were many others similar to this one, but none were in condition good enough to possibly be repaired. Possibly this is the well-known AER12.


It packs much greater damage than the regular Laser Rifle and even more than AER14 prototype, at cost of using up 3 microfusion charges per shot. It has a decent fire rate and large magazine size. Another improvement is close to perfect accuracy complimented by powerful electronically assisted telescopic sight, although it's quite difficult to take advantage of either without proper skills in handling Energy-based weapons. The downside is its poor durability coming from sensitive materials used in the manufacturing. With appropriate maintenance, however, this rifle can do a good service to its owner for a long time.

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