Gothic Neko's British Empire Tri-beam Prototype
dmg/attack: 60
dmg/proj.: 20
DPS: 163.6
DPS (reload): 60.5
crit dmg: 44
crit chance: x 2
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 2.73
AP: 20
projectiles: 3
spread: 0.5
Ammo & reloading
ammo type: Microfusion cell
ammo/shot: 3
ammo cap.: 12
shots/reload: 4
reload time: 2.5s
Requirements & perks
skill: Energy Weapons 75
strength req.: 4
repair: Tri-beam laser rifle
item HP: 125
weight: 12
value: 6750
base id: baseid?

A weapon prototype, developed by the British empire research division in 2069, based upon the tri-beam laser rifle with alterations to beam colour and weapon firing mechanisms.


Originating from the Pre-War British Empire the Tri-Beam Prototype was designed for the long campaigns in the Russian-Euro war over the remaining oil resources in the Middle East and the Arctic. Manufactured for testing in 2069 then finalised in 2071 after multiple prism failures, a Quartz based prism was chosen for the final product. The weapon only saw action in 2075 when a full scale war erupted on the Scandanvian coastline, British Empire forces supported their European allies in the borders defense where the rifle succeeded in camoflauging its laser beam from enemy forces. After the initial war ended in 2076 orders were given to have the rifles mass-produced but by that time small nuclear weapons fire was localised in Middle East, thus taking resources away from the project to focus on a seige of the Arab countries. After the war in 2077 the remanants of the British Empire held little care for the laser rifle project and threw it away amongst other pre-war weapons of mass-destruction.


The only remaining prototypes are in the research facilities along the Scandanavian-Russian battlefield trenches and inside the British Empire itself.


  • The Laser rifles prism is quartz based, to maximise its colour alternating beam.
  • The Beam changes colour to the current surroundings then softens the beams brightness, this creates a chameleon effect making the shots almost invisible to the enemy.