R91 assault rifle
dmg/attack: 123 (134.2)
DPS: 984 (1073.2)
DPS (reload): 590.4 (643.9)
crit dmg: 40
crit chance: x 1.25 (unmodified: 10)
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 8
AP: 23
projectiles: 1
spread: 1.5
Ammo & reloading
ammo type: 5.56mm round
ammo/shot: 1
ammo cap.: 24
shots/reload: 24
reload time: 2s
Requirements & perks
skill: skill? skill req?
perks (dam.):
repair: R91 assault rifles
item HP: 3000
weight: 7
value: 300
base id: baseid?

An R91, custom built by a unkown person, but it is very likely whoever built it wasn't too good at what he did.


A gold painted R91 assault rifle with a black stock. It it semi-automatic and has an unnatural range and damage output


  • R91 advanced calibration - Increases the fire rate by 5%
  • R91 extended magazines - Increases the magazine capacity by 10
  • R91 laser sight - Add's a laser sight that increases accuracy by 10%

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