British Empire Armoured Long Coat
DT: 11
item HP: 210
weight: 10
value: 4780
repair: Combat Armor
base id: baseid?

This is the Mark II standard issue long coat of the pre-war British Empire armed forces prior to 2077.


After the fall of Nazi Germany the focus of military was back to its roots, where as America focused on advanced power armour the Empire focused on the physcological aspect of soldiers. Red was re-used on armour to demoralise enemy forces and make it difficult for friendly troops to notice their comrades wounds, boosting morale. Ceramic plates were installed underneath the original 1954 Mark I long coat to protect from minor rifle rounds, then in 2026 it was replaced with more commonly available titanium forming the new Mark II; thanks to the Australian ore quarries which found a rich supply of the ore. The long coat became more than a match for the Russian and Middle Eastern troops, helping to pave a way in conquering resource enriched fields.


Only one long coat remains, in the possession of Gothic Neko, and due to the lack of interest in any form of currency it is unobtainable.


  • The long coat contains a titanium breastplate underneath the coat, titanium knee guards and titanium toe-cap boots.
  • The coat itself is surprisingly light weight, giving it good defence and freedom of movement.