Experimental 3B-WAN-TIEdit

Experimental 3B-WAN-TI
Jasper 2
Experimental 3B-WAN-TI
dmg/attack: 30
DPS: 54
crit dmg: 34
crit chance: x 3
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 1.8
AP: 30
Requirements & perks
skill: Melee weapons 25
strength req.: 4
repair: Baseball bats
item HP: 400
weight: 3.1
value: 250
base id: baseid?

The Experimental 3B-WAN-TI (BaseBall Bat With A Nail Through It) is the product of decades of research in to high tech future weaponery. Research first started at the invention of the first energy weapon, the US goverment needed something to combat this energy technology in case the Chinese army got thier hands on it and used it against US forces. A team of crack scientists came to the conclusion that the best field to research in to would be close range personal weapons (or melee weapons as they are often known). After many failed tests, such as the Gauzz fist and the Nuke-o-stick, the 3B-WAN-TI prototype was finally born, however before they could actually create the perfected 3B-WAN-TI, the US goverment cut funding to the research claiming that "The 3B-WAN-TI was just too dangerous, there are some deaths too brutal even for commies to face."
Thus, the Experimental 3B-WAN-TI was sealed away forever, or at least untill some madman manages to breach to compound where it is hidden. In which case god help us, god help us all.

Fun FactEdit

The Experimental 3B-WAN-TI is a reference to a Frankie Boyle joke told on Mock The Week's Scenes we'd like to see

Dara: Unlikely things to hear in a spy movie...
Frankie: It's not just a baseball bat Bond, it's a baseball bat with a nail trough it.