This is a tutorial to hopefully help you with gimp, and have a better experience in making OR recoloring weapons. If you use Microsoft paint, this tutorial isn't for you.



Your toolbox and Layers channel.

To get started, lets talk about your tools. You have a wide aray of tools to use, these tools are(from left to right top to bottom boldis the name italics are the hot-key):

  • R Rectangal select tool:Select a rectangualar region.
  • E Ellipse select tool:Select an elliptical region
  • F Free select tool:Select a hand drawn region with free and polygonal segments.
  • U Fuzzy select Tool:Select a contguous on the basis of color.
  • Shift+0 Select by color Tool:Select regions with similar colors.
  • I Scissors select tool:Select shapes using inteligent edge-fitting
  • No hotkey Foreground select tool:Select a region containing foreground objects.
  • B Paths tool:Create and edit paths
  • 0 Color picker tool:Select colors from image pixels.
  • Z Zoom tool:Adjust the zoom level(+ or - work as well)
  • Shift+M Measure tool:Measures distances and angles.
  • M Move tool:Move layers selections and other objects.
  • Q Alignment tool:Align or arrange layers or other objects.
  • Shift+C Crop tool:remove edge area from image or layers.
  • Shift+R Rotate tool:rotate the layer section or path.
  • Shift+T Scale tool:scare the layer section or path.