"Darla""MAT-49" SMG"Test Rifle1"
"That Knife""The Highland Legend"10mm 'Nuka' Pistol
10mm jury-rigged SMG5.56 'Magic' Sub Machine Gun5mm PDW
9mm micro-autoA long lost "Gun"Advanced Plasma Rifle
Advanced ShotgunAe jarv's imagesAlien Emitter
AltaïrAnaAnnihilator rifle
AnonbladeAriesAssassin's Brew
Assassin RifleAssassin gloveAssault Materiel Rifle
Aussie Boxing GlovesAutomatic Rifle model 1918Automatic bayonet
Axsisel's imagesBilly's 12.7mmBizOFF
Bizon SMGBloodletterBritish Empire Auto-Cannon
British Empire Tri-beam PrototypeBrony KillerBrotherhood rogue armour
CZ59 prototypeCanadianBroFistCanadian Defence
Chem Proximty SprayChinese assault rifle conversionClaymore Cakes
Collar MineCrazy sam10's imagesCustom Assault Rifle
Custom Varmint RifleCustom chinese assault rifleCustom sniper rifle
Darksteel CarbineDart CrossbowDeMarucci
Denis517's imagesDeus MisereaturDouble knifer
EB's LAEREB683's imagesEPC PWNER
El DoradoElectroslashEmpire Armoured Long Coat
Experimental 3B-WAN-TIExperimental P.W.N.Falcon Punch
Fallout: New Vegas creaturesFallout: New Vegas weaponsFallout Boy's Wasteland Outfit
Fallout FN FALFallout FN SCAR-HFallout Galil
Fallout Ray GunFallout Wunderwaffe DG-2Firelord
Fist of the EastForm IDGIMP Tutorial
Gauzz's Modified Assassin RobeGauzz Rifle's imagesGentlemen's Revolver
Ghoul machineGnome ChompskiGolden Revolver
Gothic Neko's imagesGuardian's imagesH.A.T.E. Cannon
HMS service rifleHazmat ArmorHazmat Combat Armor
Holy .45 auto SMGHomemade spearJASPER42's images
JASPER cannonKnux GlovesKoop's Plasma defender
Leather Duster ArmourLeather combat armorLethal Lightshow
Liberty Prime Mk.2Lil' BruiserLiq. RG v. 1.6
Love And DespairLuigi's ShotgunM115 Tranquilizer
M14A1M16A4M17A1 Assault Carbine
M32 grenade launcherM33 hate launcherM73 LAW
M9A1 SOPMODMaddislimane's imagesMall Special
Marauder lever action rifleMaster Assassin OutfitMaster Tribal Robe
Mauser Sporter carbineMauser pistol carbineModel 1337
Modified SecuritronModified Sniper RifleModified ranger combat armor
Mp5MrGazzo's imagesMutant killer
Mystical Red .44 MagnumNCR AMRNCR Hunting Shotgun
NCR Service RifleNCR Trooper Trail CarbineNCR scouts M14.
Nash's 10mm PistolNatashaNebenthe's images
Night Hawk HandgunNikolai's Hammer RifleNikolai belenski's images
No Teenage QueenOcelot's coatOctavius's Centurion armor
Octavius's Legion Anti-materiel rifleOctavius's Legion SMGOctavius's Throwing axe
OctaviusoftheNorth's imagesOld Spin on a New RoundOmicron shield armor
OsirisPHAMASPat's M16
Pat's M1911Pika GlovePlasma 14 prototype
Plasma Codac r9000Plasma Defender RiflePlasma Offender
Plasma RepeaterPlasma SwordPoor man's rifle
Portable Friendship CannonPresidential plasma rifleProtonic lance
Prototype laser sniperPrussian BluePsycho Plasma Pistol
R91MSRG v. 2.4fRPK
Rossmore238Saiga 20kSaiga 20k wood stock
Salvaged assault rifleSawn off pumpScavenger's Pipe Dream
Scorpion's SpearScout Sniper RifleSecuri-troll
Security PistolSemi-Automatic ShotgunShadow
ShishkeswordSilenced M21Silver AK-47
Single Action ArmySister WikisSkirmish Carbine
Sonic Emitter - TrolololSoviet Semi-Automatic Sniper RifleSurivalists Shotgun
T's custom BARTesla PollTheFly
The Exterminator's suitThe Kindly GolfclubThe Monster ACOG
The RuffianThe SyringeThe Vault Armory:Administrators
The Vault Armory WikiThis Other MachineThunderstorm
Trolly CannonTrolorifleType 99 mg
Users listValoopy's AxeValoopy's Lucky
Valoopy's imagesVault Laser RifleVault soda's images
Victor's Hootin-Tootin Reciprocating BlunderbussVictor's Upgraded Service RifleVictor the Securitron's images
Warfighter's rifleWasteland Uzi knock-offWasteland scout carbine
XM9A1XXHISselfXx's imagesYef's Firelance
Yefpatterson's imagesYes-Man's Lovely HammerYes-Man's images
Yes Man 2000

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