Luigi's Shotgun
Jasper 2
Luigi's Shotgun
dmg/attack: 100
dmg/proj.: 12.5
DPS: 200
DPS (reload): 50
crit dmg: 10
crit chance: x 1
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 2
AP: 30
projectiles: 8
spread: 1.8
Ammo & reloading
ammo type: 12 gauge shotgun shell
ammo/shot: 2
ammo cap.: 10
shots/reload: 5
reload time: 1.5s
Requirements & perks
skill: Guns 75
strength req.: 6
repair: Hunting shotguns
Bolt/Lever/Pump-action guns Jury RiggingJury Rigging
item HP: 200
weight: 7.8
value: 38000
base id: 0008ED0B

Better maintained than the standard hunting shotgun, Luigi's shotgun is looks much cleaner and has a higer damage. Over the years it became modified to hold twice the ammount of shells but to fire them 2 at a time.


It is found on the dead body of The Plumber, along with large amounts of jet, buffout and empty syringes, indicating its owner was an addict.

Fun FactEdit

It is, of course a reference to the Mario series but was mostly inspired by The Brother's Mario (a youtube machinima of Mario made in GTA4).

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