Grammarlad Raider Securitron

"Deposit your caps into my right arm. If you resist, you will be removed..."

This unfortunate robot was abducted and modified by Followers' scientists that were being held captive by raiders, it has a minigun in place of it's 10mm arm (not a gatling laser as 5mm ammo is plentiful, and guns are easier to repair). As you can see, it has become rusty through years of neglect, and a secondary antenna has been added in order to allow communication over greater distances. Three speakers have been crudely wired into the left shoulder to allow this machine to deliver messages, and, of course, to extort money from traders. The securitron's left shoulder has been fitted with a device capable of firing small explosive projectiles at short range, and a lense has been fitted above the screen which allows the exact movements of this metal beast to be relayed to the raider's current base.

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