Knife spear clean
Jasper 2
dmg/attack: 20
DPS: 80
crit dmg: 40
crit chance: x 6
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 4
AP: 40
Requirements & perks
skill: Melee Weapons 50
strength req.: 4
repair: Knife spear,
knife spear clean.
item HP: 400
weight: 3
value: 55
base id: 00012208

A weapon crafted and used by The White Arrow, a psychopathic survivor of Elijah's first team. Story goes it was named after someone very special to Arrow.

Arrow crafted this out of two clean cosmic knifes, attaching one to each end instead of three to one gave a loss of power in exchange for a might speed increase. However, in the right hands it still packs a punch and can throw targets back on critical hits.

It has duct tape added to improve grip and comfort and the name Natasha written in white paint on the front end.

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