Ocelot's coat
180px-Val's armour
DT: 10
item HP: 1000
weight: 10
value: 10000
effects: +100 Guns
+25% DPS with revolvers
repair: Bounty hunter dusters
base id: 01623568

Ocelot's coat is an armor found in the Mojave Wasteland.


The armor belonged to Revolver Ocelot, a FOXHOUND member and former GRU Ocelot unit major pre-war. It is not known how the armor managed to find its way to the Mojave, or how it was seperated from Ocelot.

Ocelot's coat is a combination of a duster and formal wear, very similar to the style of old Western cowboys.


  • This armor is found in Valoopy's inventory, and he wears it from time to time. It is not known how he acquired it.


  • When equipped with the Wild Wasteland perk, the player can hear the phrase You're pretty good faintly in the background.
  • Also, when first acquired, the player will recieve an SAA and six .357 magnum rounds.