Poor man's assault rifle

the poor man's rifle

The poor man's rifle is just that- a rifle that utilizies whatever pieces or scrap the owner can find. The majority of rifles that are close in appearance happen to be some type of derivative of the chinese assault rifle; while not usually a caliber that is greater than .357 magnum pistol cartridges, some use 20 gauge shot shells or the .45-70 Govt. round- the example shown is chambered for the .308 round and has been modified to take the magazine from the .308 version of the R91 Assault rifle. The shown example also has multiple metal fastenings and pieces of fabric that hold the gun together; the original stock had been badly damaged, and was later patched up using thestock from a damaged brush gun. The pistol grip is also borrowed from the R91, while the rear sight has been moved back and the bolt has been replaced with a larger, stronger one. The proof mark of chinese manufacture is also presen on the side of the reciever.

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