Protonic lance
dmg/attack: 100 (128)
DPS: 100 (179.2)
crit dmg: 10
crit chance: x 1
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 1 (1.4)
AP: 45
effect: Ignores DR/DT
Requirements & perks
skill: Melee Weapons 100
strength req.: 7
perks (dam.):
perks (att.):
repair: Thermic lance
Two-handed melee Jury RiggingJury Rigging
item HP: 2000
weight: 20
value: 5500
base id: 0015c881

One of the energy/melee weapons used by the royal Soldiers of The Monarchy, a faction from the Old South Wasteland.

The Protonic lance makes its apperance in the fan fictionla story written by The Nemisisx, Fallout: Nuked Down Under

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