Rossmore 238
Jasper 2
dmg/attack: 140
dmg/proj.: 17.5
DPS: 560
DPS (reload): 176.8
crit dmg: 76
crit chance: x 4
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 4
AP: 20
projectiles: 8
spread: 3
Ammo & reloading
ammo type: 12 gauge shotgun shell
ammo/shot: 2
ammo cap.: 8
shots/reload: 4
reload time: 2.17s
Requirements & perks
skill: Guns 100
strength req.: 5
repair: Riot shotguns
Two-handed automatic guns Jury RiggingJury Rigging
item HP: 170
weight: 6
value: 55000
base id: h473r3515

A double barreled riot shotgun, which shoots both barrels in quick succession, so that if the first shot misses, the second one probably wont. Unlike the regular riot shotgun the Rossmore138 is pump action and uses a straight mag instead of a drum mag.

Fun FactEdit

It is based on the Rossmore238 from the PS3 game, Resistance 2.