Scavenger's Pipe Dream
Jasper 2
dmg/attack: 35
DPS: 70
crit dmg: 40
crit chance: x 5
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 2
AP: 230
Requirements & perks
skill: Melee Weapons 55
strength req.: 5
repair: Lead Pipe
JuryRigging One-handed Melee
item HP: 60
weight: 5
value: 750
base id: p1mp3d0ut

A one of a kind lead pipe which has 3 golden bolts instead of one lead one, because gold is a heavy metal this means that it deals extra damage, critical damage and a high critcal chance, but at the cost of a great loss of speed and a hefty weight increase. On top of the golden bolts, more tape has been added for improved grip. The Pipe Dream has a special move where the user swings it like a club straight in the the enemy's mouth with the intent of breaking as many teeth as possible.

This weapon got its name because, with in groups of scavengers it is a much sort after prize, and although none have ever seen it most believe in it's existance.