Tezzla Poll
dmg/attack: 0
DPS: 0
crit dmg: o
crit chance: x 0
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 0
AP: 0
Requirements & perks
skill: Being an idiot 100
strength req.: Puny Mortal!
repair: Sledgehammer
JuryRigging Two-handed Melee
item HP: 0
weight: 0
value: 0
base id: 00000000

It does nothing :D (Trollface.png)Edit

This weapon does nothing. It was created upon the banning tolls, who were banned so hard that the head of the ban hammer turned to dust. The handle or poll that is left is not only useless as a weapon, but a large amount of stupid rubbed off on it upon the banning of said users. This gives it an effect of slowly draining the intelligence of whoever holds it, unless they are already 100% idiot.

When hitting people it gives off an effect somewhat like the tesla cannon except it is just for show.