The Syringe
dmg/attack: 170 (183.6)
DPS: 76.1 (98.7)
DPS (reload): 66.8 (87.6)
crit dmg: 110
crit chance: x 1
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: 0.45 (0.54)
AP: 55
projectiles: 1
spread: 0.015
Ammo & reloading
ammo type: .50 MG
ammo/shot: 1
ammo cap.: 8
shots/reload: 8
reload time: 2.5s (1.88s)
Requirements & perks
skill: Guns 100
strength req.: 8
perks (dam.):
Lord Death
perks (att.):
Fast Shot
perks (rel.):
Rapid Reload
repair: Anti-materiel rifle
Bolt/Lever/Pump-action guns Jury RiggingJury Rigging
item HP: 95
weight: 20
value: 5600
base id: 0008F21C

The Syringe is a weapon used by Valoopy, a highly skilled medic and decent sniper of the NCR. He uses it to cure people of a particular disease. The name of the aforementioned disease is "Being a Legionary". To cure an infected individual, simply aim at the head of the legio-err, infected, and pull the trigger. The bullet should penetrate their skull and blast it clean off their shoulders, curing them of this most atrocious of diseases.

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