Welcome to the The Vault Armory Wiki

Welcome to The Vault Armory! This is a site created for people to upload their Fallout fan art. Please, keep things appropriate.

Users often use the free service GIMP to create their pictures, to download a version go here. No sign-up is required and the download is safe, but it is recommended to have an anti-virus software installed.


To clear up weapon spam, the Vault Armory will now have some new rules. These rules are:
How NOT to do it

This is an example of what NOT to make.

  • Do not simply lighten or darken a gun a little. Make it actually look like a new weapon or a unique variant. Major changes, such as adding a camo pattern, or a well-integrated image, are okay.
  • 3 items a day.
  • If a gun has attachments (like scopes, bayonets, etc.) it must be evidently different from its original weapon. Guns with a few parts removed, such as making a sawn off caravan shotgun, are also considered deletable unless they are drastically altered, instead of just removign a few parts. Color changes help to make guns different.
  • Recolors must be obviously different from their original weapon without a need for side-by-side comparison to be allowed.
  • The bureaucrats have the final say on the deletion of any image for any reason.

Users list

For new users on this site, please add your name under the users list. Follow the format that is already laid out there, and until we have a template, please follow this page for your own.

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New Design

UPDATE: The issue with the Ranger image size has not yet been corrected, however I am looking into the possibility of adding an image opposite the Veteran Ranger. So far, I'm still working out how to do it, but if you check my userpage here, you can see how it might look in the future. Yes Man default