Wasteland Knock-off

one of the more common Wasteland Uzi knock-offs, this one being based off of the 9mm SMG.

The Wasteland Uzi knock-off is exactly what it sounds like- a cheap, easily maintained sub machinegun that quite frankly is just junk steel with a few springs. Although not entirely reliable, The design itself is based off of the bolt shrouding design made famous by the uzi series of SMGs, though there are wide margins of variation, though the majority of the guns use many parts from the 9mm or 10mm SMGs. They are also chambered in various different calibers, with the most popular seeming to be the 9 and 10 milimeter rounds, though there have been many examples found that use .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum and the 12.7mm pistol round.

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