Yes-Man's Lovely Hammer
dmg/attack: 50 (72.5)
DPS: attackshots/sec?
crit dmg: 55
crit chance: x 1
Attack statistics
attacks/sec: attackshots/sec?
AP: 30
Requirements & perks
skill: Melee 60
strength req.: 7
perks (dam.):
repair: Super Sledge
item HP: 125
weight: 10
value: 3000
base id: Y35M4N

At first glance, this hammer might look lovely, but be warned...


The Lovely Hammer is owned by Yes-Man of the Armory. He holds it with pride after getting it from JASPER42 from the Vault. It is his pride and joy. Yes-Man will not hesitate to use it against you if you're getting on his nerves. It might look lovely from a distance but when it's been smashed into your head you might think differently.


It is pink, yes, but that does not make it any less deadly. It has a specially crafted wooden handle specifically for the use of Securitrons (those claws are useless) and a deadly metal head. Yes-Man's Lovely Hammer is lovely only to the people who are on his good side. If trolls venture too far into the depths of the chat room, they might encounter Yes-Man, and never return. Be warned.


  • Found lodged in your skull when you least expect it.
  • Carried by Yes-Man in the Armory.


  • Don't laugh at it because it's pink. It's a very masculine pink, mind you.
  • Made by JASPER42 from the Vault.

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